S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Privacy Notice

Last update: 26.10.2021

Effective Date: 13.06.2021

GSC Game World takes care of your personal data and does everything possible to protect it. This Privacy Notice is written to help you understand what your personal data is collected, stored and used, and what happens to it when you use our websites.

In this Privacy Notice we answer the following questions:

1. Who are we?

We are Transavision Limited, company number HE 109128, address: 6 Rodou Street, St. Omologites, 01086 Nicosia, Cyprus. Hereinafter, “Transavision” will be referred to as "we", "us" and "our".

We are the controller of personal data of our users, which means that we determine what, for what purpose and how your personal data will be processed.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by sending an email to privacy@stalker-game.com

2. What does this Privacy Notice cover?

This Notice applies to our https://www.stalker-game.com/ (the “Website”), using which you find the information on “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl”,“S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky” and “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat”.

3. What data do we collect and why?

The data we process is divided into two categories: technical information and data that is provided to us by data subjects (user, consumer).

3.1. Definitions:

Technical information from the websites. When you use our websites, the following pieces of data are collected automatically: IP address, UTM tags, geolocation, device type and browser type, cookies and data about your interaction with the website — session ID.

Not technical data:

Pay your attention. We knowingly do not process personal data of users under the age of 18 without consent from legal representative(s). If you are such a user, or you are the legal representative of the user, please let us know via email: privacy@stalker-game.com

4. How long do we keep your data?

We store personal data in the following categories:

We store personal data of users for the duration of the contract and 24 months after last interaction.

After the expiration of the specified period, we anonymize the data and store it for statistics and analytics purposes.

We process data based on your consent during the performance of the contract/ while your interaction with our service and 24 months after or until you withdraw your consent.

However, you can exercise your right to delete your data. In this case, your data will be deleted from our servers within 30 days of your request.

5. Do we share data with third parties?

We use your personal data to perform a contract and for communication between us and clients, customers and users. We share your personal data with our contractors in order to perform a contract. Also, we transfer your data on the following grounds:

Consent. We transfer your personal data based on your explicit consent.

Compliance with the law. We will disclose your personal data to third parties to the extent that it is necessary:

Transfer to third parties: We transfer your personal data to third parties on the basis of a public offer for processing on our behalf, subject to technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data. We may transfer your data to certain companies, consultants, and contractors hired to provide certain services on our behalf.

We transfer your personal data for storage to:

OVHCloud - you can read more in their Privacy Notice

CloudFlare - you can read more in their Privacy Notice

Hetzner - you can read more in their Privacy Notice

6. Do we do data transfer outside the European Economic Area?

The personal data we collect is stored on servers in the Federal Republic of Germany. By default, the data is stored in Germany but we may need to process your personal data in another country.

We use adopted Standard Contractual Clauses for data protection while transfer and storage.

However, if a data transfer is required to perform a contract or to provide you services, we have the right to do so without your consent.

7. What rights do I have regarding my data?

You, as a subject of personal data, have the following rights:

To exercise your rights, write us an email at privacy@stalker-game.com

8. Do we use cookies?

We use cookies to provide information such as: IP address, geolocation, device type and browser type, personal ID to monitor your session on the site.

If you want to disable cookies, then you can find instructions for managing your browser settings at these links:

9. How do we update Privacy Notice?

This Privacy Notice and the relationships falling under its effect are regulated by the GDPR.

Note. GDPR is General Data Protection Regulation that is european law protecting personal data and privacy related questions.

Existing laws and requirements for the processing of personal data are subject to change. In this case, we will publish a new version of the Privacy Notice on our website. If significant material changes are made that affect your privacy and confidentiality, we will notify you by email or display information on the website and ask for your consent if necessary.

10. California privacy rights

We make these disclosures to those visiting our websites who reside in California which supersede and replace any conflicting disclosures found elsewhere on our websites as well as reflect your privacy rights granted by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Opt-out of disclosure for direct marketing purposes. The California laws allow its residents to learn the identities of entities that received their personal data for marketing purposes and the categories of information disclosed. You may request such information by contacting us by e-mail privacy@stalker-game.com

Please be aware that this opt-out does not prohibit our disclosure of personal data for any purpose other than direct marketing. The data we process and share may include your name, address, email address, and telephone number.

Automatic gathering of information. We collect data that you provide to us online, and through websites of unaffiliated third parties.

Automatic gathering of information by third parties. When you visit our websites, third parties can collect personal data about your online activities over time and across different websites pertaining to your visit to or use of our and other websites.

11. Do-not-track requests.

California residents visiting our websites may request that we do not automatically gather and track information pertaining to their online browsing movements across the Internet. Such requests are typically made through web browser settings that control signals or other mechanisms that provide consumers the ability to exercise choice regarding the collection of personal data about an individual consumer's online activities over time and across third-party websites or online services. We currently do not have the ability to honor these requests. We may modify this Notice as our abilities change.

12. California residents’ data protection rights.

The CCPA has extended California residents’ data protection rights. However, we have already guaranteed all these rights and described them precisely in this Notice as well as a means of rights exercising. Please refer below to investigate.

Right to be informed. Please find a list of personal data we collect about you and your activity, sources and business purposes of personal data collection, and third parties we may share your personal data with in Section 3 - 6 of the Notice.

Your Right of access, Data portability, and Right to delete are prescribed by Section 7 of the Notice.

You can exercise these rights any time by contacting us via email at privacy@stalker-game.com

Notice, the CCPA envisages some specific requirements related to the exercising of these data protection rights. Considering them we may:

Also, please be aware that we are allowed to maintain personal data after a deletion request is received, as permitted by the CCPA (for instance, for the purposes of detection of security incidents, repair errors, compliance with legal obligations, transaction completion).

We want to draw your special attention that the website does not sell, rent, or trade your personal data to anyone.